Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Friedman

Open Communication & Action Plan Progress

The action plan we put into place last year has been our blueprint for making needed changes both within the Friedman School and in the field of nutrition.

We have the data, we created a plan, so now what? The hard work and dedication everyone at the school, led in large part by Sara Folta, the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, has ensured that we are all moving in the same direction with purpose and excitement for the future. With 14 action items across 6 areas of improvement, being transparent about and accountable for our goals is one of our biggest priorities.

The 6 Major Areas of DEI Work:

› Culture and Environment
› Education
› Faculty Success
› Compositional Diversity
› Public Impact
› University-Level Activities

How Can You Help? Fund a Future Leader in Food and Nutrition!

In ways we never could have anticipated, 2020 has opened our eyes to inequities in nutrition, the food system, and health. The COVID-19 global pandemic has proven that, now more than ever, we need more exceptional leaders in the nutrition field.

Now is the time to ensure that our current students can continue their studies, and to redouble our efforts to attract the most talented applicants.

Your gift is the key to changing students’ lives—and the world.

The Scholarship Challenge provides donors an opportunity to support Friedman School students and invest in the future of the nutrition field.

How Does It Work?

Educating future nutrition leaders is at the heart of the Friedman School’s mission. The school has made great progress over the past decade in increasing access to financial aid, with scholarships being a top Brighter World campaign priority. However, available financial aid doesn’t meet the needs of our student body.

› The donor’s portion of the gift is 60%, while Tufts provides 40% toward all endowed scholarships of $100,000+ focused on either doctoral students or those that build the diversity of our doctoral and/or masters student body.
› Gifts may be pledged for up to five years to new or existing Friedman School endowed scholarships.
› Leadership gifts to the Annual Fund must also be pledged.
› This match will be available until all matching funds are committed.